The bezos scholarship program the life changing experience at the aspen ideas festival

C to work as a paralegal as she considers going to Law School or working in International Development. The deadline to apply is February, 8, He currently attends the University of Connecticut after receiving the Student Leadership Scholarship.

Marcos Silva has been in the classroom for four years. To create a profile click on the orange apply now button at the top of the page. Your Support As part of your application you also need support and completed application materials from the following: Be a junior during the academic year Be a U.

Biochemistry; Science, Technology, and Values Hometown: Ana loves Converse, plays the ukulele, and is a fan of jigsaw puzzles with lots of pieces. She spent the spring semester of her junior year living with a host family and attending a local university in Toledo, Spain.

During the summer holiday from school, Dan manages the local pool and plays soccer. His fascination with physics has led to a new interest: Consider asking a teacher, mentor, or community member. Your school principal must complete a short form, Principal Support Form, with information about your school Educator: We encourage talented, driven, smart, and compassionate young people to apply.

But what really impressed Chris was just how approachable they were. After her sophomore year, Julia pursued her interest in criminal justice reform and spent a summer doing research with St.

Williamsville, NY As a freshman, Nick and his brother conducted a research trip in Panama and Nicaragua to explore how the proposed construction of the Nicaragua Canal would have impacted local communities. A profile allows you to save and return to your application any time prior to the deadline.

Your Story Basic demographic information, school details, coursework, standardized test scores, extra-curricular activities you participate in, and three written essay responses to be able to share what is most important to you — your passions, your accomplishments, and your community contributions.

I was ready or rather I thought I was for the prestigious and much talked about Aspen experience. Hot Scholars Program @ High Altitude: Call for Entries: Bezos Scholars Program @ the Aspen Institute.

Come summer, 12 public high school juniors with top grades and engaged community ties will travel to Aspen to attend the acclaimed Aspen Ideas Festival (7 days: June July 6; all-expenses-paid).

Apply Now: The Bezos Scholars Program November 30, • Nicole Hanson, Guest Blogger The Bezos Scholars Program at the Aspen Institute seeks outstanding high school juniors and educators for a powerful leadership development and scholarship opportunity to.

The Aspen Institute and Bezos Family Foundation with Los Angeles Unified School District launch February forum featuring renowned leaders February 22, Los Angeles, CA – The inaugural Aspen Challenge—a project of the Aspen Institute, in partnership with the Bezos Family Foundation.

Program at a Glance The Bezos Scholars Program inspires and challenges young people to act on their passions and collaborate to address community needs. Scholars are teams of rising high school seniors and educators who have demonstrated accomplishment, embraced new challenges, and aspire to lead change in their community.

The Bezos Scholarship Program: The Life Changing Experience at the Aspen Ideas Festival. words. 2 pages.

Class of 2018

Shipwrecked and Marooned on Skull Island. 1, words. 2 pages. Finding Contentment, Joy, and Peace at DECA.

Apply Now: The Bezos Scholars Program

words. 3 pages. A Personal Statement of My Rising and Fighting Despite Financial Adversities to Pursue My Academics. The ALA Bezos Scholars Program March 3rd, I remember sitting in the chair, basking in the warm Colorado sun, during one of essential lessons on leadership by Mark Hoffer, our mentor and teacher during the Bezos Scholars Program in Aspen, Colorado.

The bezos scholarship program the life changing experience at the aspen ideas festival
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The ALA Bezos Scholars Program - African Leadership Academy